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Arms, Back & Chest Exercises

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Tone Your Upper Body 

There is nothing better than having a well defined Back, Arms, Shoulders And Chest. A strong, well built body not only improves your posture, it adds an extra barrier of protection to your body, protecting one from injuries. In addition, you will look great in your clothes ūüôā¬†

Here are the best home workouts to help you achieve your new body.

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Build and Sculpt Your Glutes

Complimenting the rest of your upper body (Chest/Back/Arms/Abs) with a strong and sculpted lower body gives you a  complete all around look. For Men, strong legs are a must have. For women, it compliments your figure as well as giving you a strong base. See Below for a list of the best Butt exercises to do at home.

2. Donkey Kick

3. Free Squat

5. Jumping Jack

6. Lunge

8. Reverse Lunge

9. Squat Jacks

10. Squat Jumps

12. Table Leg Dip

13. Dumbbell Squat


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Abs & Hips Exercises

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Tone Your ABS and Love Handles

Having great Abs take tremendous commitment and hard work, unless you are among the very few that naturally sport Abs, regardless of what you eat. However, if you are amongst the rest of us that have to work for it, here is a list of the top abdominal exercises to perform at home. These ‚ÄėAb‚Äô sculpting workouts will surely have you showing off your scuplted core.

See Below:

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A Wide Hand Pushup is another variation of the push up.    Instead of placing your arms at the regular shoulder width position, you place them much wider for a deeper burn and a much harder chest exercise.  We typically incorporate the wide hand pushup to the repetoire on upper body workout days. Mixing up regular pushups, incline pushups and widehand pushups completely target every subcategory of your chest muscles, giving you a well defined chest.

Here is how do Wide hand Pushups.

1.  Walk your arms wider than shoulder width position, 6 inches wider than normal.
2.  Ensure you are not too wide, were you feel bad pressure and pain in your shoulders.  If you are too wide, reduce the width.

3. From the wide position, perform push ups. When you have finished your repetitions,  walk your arms back to the normal position and rest.